About Me

Hi I'm Stephanie! Wife of Eli and mom of 4 fantastic kids (Caleb, Steven, Sofia and Sara). First and foremost I am sold out to Jesus. Everything I do and say I filter through the word of God. I'm not perfect but I truly try to follow God in my actions.

I am a former elementary school teacher turned homeschool mom. My oldest two children went to school with me when they were little and graduated from public school. Both have gone on to become productive members of society.

However I sort of fell into homeschooling when my oldest daughter was little. Because of needing to become a full-time caregiver for my dad we took her out of daycare where she was learning letters numbers and shapes. I was almost certain with a teaching degree that I could handle this type of teaching.

Here we are 6 years later still on the homeschooling journey.

My Motherhood Journey
I have 4 wonderful children. I had my first child at 21 and my last at 42. Yes, they are quite spread out. My kids' ages are 23, 19, 10, and 2. I became a mom before smart phones, and the internet was just getting started. I know that is hard to imagine but it definitely was a different time.

My oldest 2 taught me how to be a mom. When my youngest son was 2 their father and I got divorced so I raised them as a single mom. It was a tough time. However, when they tell their childhood stories they always have good memories and never seem to have known that money was as tight as it was. I guess I did something right!

At 31 my childhood friend and I reconnected and we got married 2 years later. We had our first daughter and that was a change of events for me. My father got sick that same year and we had to put on hold the hopes of having another child.

When I was 40, my father passed away and my husband and I had the conversation to have another child. We had our spunky Sara and I have learned that everything I know is wrong.

My Passions
My biggest passion is my family. I was truly born to be a mom. I love every aspect of it.

I love to read and to grow. I truly don't feel that I'll ever know everything. I want to be a better version of myself everyday.

My other passion is encouraging moms of all ages. I am an optimist and try to always find the bright side of life. Through my journey of motherhood I have seen both good and bad but I try to focus on the good.

My goal is to encourage you on your motherhood journey and help you live your days joyful!

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