Friday, June 14, 2019

Our Summer Routine to Avoid the Summer Slump

In the brick and mortar school world summer slump is the phenomenon that happens over the summer where children forget everything that they learned the last school year. Over the summer children's brains effectively turn to mush.

In the homeschool world I'm going to define summer slump as the reality that happens over the summer when everyone is so out of the daily routine that when it's time to start school again every routine is harder to do.

The summer slump happens to moms as well. We are more relaxed and actually enjoy just being instead of running to activities and having to be on a schedule.

True confession, if I didn't have a routine I'd probably wake up and sit on the couch all day binge watching TV or reading a book. There isn't anything wrong with that, but seriously 10 weeks of that is no bueno!

Don't get me wrong, summers are for fun and relaxing. It is a time to slow down and to recover from the school year. A time to stay up later and to do things that you don't usually have time to do during the school year.

On most days, if we don't have anything planned, in an effort to avoid the slump for when we go back to school I try to set the pace by keeping some semblance of routines in our day.

Morning Quiet Time
In the summer I love waking up without an alarm clock and just laying in bed. Just kidding that never happens. Even in the summer I love to wake up early and enjoy the silence of my house. It's part of my sanity for the day. It helps me to set the stage for the day to come.

Family Breakfast
Even in the summer, I make it a point of sitting at the table together and starting our day in prayer. The girls are both usually awake by 8:00 so breakfast around 8:30 is pretty consistent with the school year.

Morning Basket
While we're all at the table together we go through the various items in the morning basket. The particular items in this basket are things that we do on a daily basis regardless of the time of year.

The basket has Sofia's Bible, Sara's picture Bible and our daily devotional book. I have little things in the basket to keep Sara's hands busy while I read.

Daily Chores
Throughout the school year chores are the first subject tackled after breakfast. However, just because it's summer doesn't mean that the house stops needing to be cleaned.

Daily chores teach responsibility and are a means to build character. Summer is also a great time to introduce new chores and to help them learn how to do it correctly while you're not under the stresses of the school year.

Outside Time
I try to get us outside before it gets too hot and the rain comes. This is usually pretty short lived though because in Florida without a pool or shade it is pretty miserable outside.

Read Aloud Time
During the summer we still take time after lunch to have quiet time. This is a time that the girls get to lay down and just be while I read to them. Sometimes we listen to an audio book so I actually get to relax as well.

Imagination Time
This is the time that the girls can do whatever they want, except watch TV. Usually they end up playing with Legos, play doh or just playing something together. Sometimes they turn their room into a camping trip and play with toys. It's really quite comical to listen to their conversations.

These are routines that we have during the school year that don't involve screen time. I try to keep the basic structure of the day to keep the kids in some sort of routine. I have found that kids like routines. Besides when they don't have any routine they tend to get bored and argue. It gives them a predictability of what is expected of them. I personally like routines because it's less time that I have to think for people. Routines make it easier to know what to do next.

How do you feel about routines during the summer?

Be blessed!

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