Tuesday, June 25, 2019

July Scripture Writing

For the month of July we'll be writing about the topic of Trust.

While looking up verses I noticed that the words faith and trust were used interchangeably in some verses of different versions of the Bible, yet in other verses of different versions of the Bible the word trust was used consistently.

It got me to thinking what is the different between trust and faith and even more what came first faith or trust.

Here is what I found.

  • Faith and trust are both nouns and when they are used in a verse as a noun they are synonyms. 
  • Trust is also a verb. When it is used as a verb in a verse it is an action and usually a command.

  • Faith doesn't have evidence, it's blind.
  • Trust is based on past experiences.
  • Faith is something you have.
  • Trust is something you do.

       Faith is:                                    Trust is:
       Finding                                     Total
       Assurance                                Reliance
       In                                              Upon
      Trusting                                     Spiritual
       Him                                          Truth

Faith and trust go together. Trusting God because of your faith during trials will only help you to trust him more and make your faith stronger.

I pray that as you write the scriptures this month you are encouraged.

I'm praying for you!

To print a copy of the July Scripture Writing click here.

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