Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Homeschooling with a Baby in the House

When I found out we were having a baby after 8 years I was excited but a little scared at the same time. My biggest concern was being able to educate my daughter while taking care of a baby. My sanity saver was reminding myself that it's been done before with many more children so I could do it too.

The first couple of months weren't too bad since the baby mostly slept. Then she started crawling and then walking and then the morning nap was gone. The changes were coming so fast that I barely had time to keep up. It felt like we had just found a groove when it changed again.

As a type-A personality, I like to check off boxes and plow through to get things done. However with a baby that's not how life always works.

1. Be Flexible
Being flexible was something I had to learn early on. Most will agree that the favorite part of homeschooling is the flexible schedule. However, with a baby there isn't even a schedule to start with. 

Flexibility will show your other children how to go with the flow and how to be independent. It will also allow you to model patience and resilience for your older children.

2. Prioritize
Not all subjects carry the same weight. I'm not saying that science and history aren't important but depending on the age, maybe language arts and math need to be the goal for the year. Most of the time you can incorporate reading with history and science if you truly feel the need to cover those subjects.

3. Build Independence
This is a great opportunity to foster independence in the older children. Use the time that you need to spend with the baby as a time for the older kids to do independent work. Although they may prefer to have you there, you can reward them for being able to complete the task on their own.

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4. Build Relationships
If you have multiple children allow your older kids to help your younger kids with school. They can read with them or practice basic math facts. Older children can also help little children do chores around the house.

This will allow you to be available for the baby's needs as well as maybe allow you some time for self-care.

It's a season for everyone. It won't be a permanent change just one that will benefit everyone for this season. Be patient, offer yourself grace and know that this school year will be a little different.

I'm praying for you!

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