Sunday, April 28, 2019

May Scripture Writing

May is my birth month, happy birthday ME! I decided that since it's my birth month I'd like to share my favorite book of the poetic books of the Bible. The book of Proverbs is best known for the wisdom that is passed from a father to a son. This month our topic will be Wisdom.

I've changed the format this month. Usually I give you what you are going to write by books, chapter and verse. This month I only gave you the chapter to read. After you've read the chapter you write whatever you feel led to write.

I honestly tried to select specific scriptures for you but I love the entire book for so many different reasons. Also I've read the books of Proverbs several times and every time I find a new scripture that I missed last time.

I pray that this month blesses you and helps you to find wisdom from the one who gives it.

Download your copy of the scripture writing here

I'm praying for you! Have a blessed month of scripture writing!
PS. If you're not sure about Scripture Writing check out my post on 5 Reasons to Write Scripture.

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