Friday, February 22, 2019

March Scripture Writing

For the month of March we will be writing about Faith.

In the dictionary faith is defined as: belief in something. As a Christian we know what that something is. It is a someone greater than all of us. The creator of the universe and everything in it. 

In hard times of my life, when my faith has been tested, I have looked at people from the Bible that went through faith trials and stayed strong. My go to person is Abraham. He was asked to sacrifice his son. Goodness, as a mom, this would be a hard thing to trust God with. But he did, he had faith that God would raise Isaac from the dead. 

This month, our faith journey will begin in Hebrews in the "Hall of Faith". You will meet different people from the Bible that were known for their faith. 

My prayer is that as you meet each of these people you will delve into their story and use their story to build your faith as well.

For a printable copy of the March Scripture Writing click here.  Don't want to print? Just save it to your phone.

I'm praying for you mama! Have a blessed month of scripture writing!
PS. If you're not sure about Scripture Writing check out my post on 5 Reasons to Write Scripture.

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