Monday, February 4, 2019

5 Reasons to Write Scripture

The one thing I started years ago was writing scripture. Honestly it happened on accident. I was trying to find a morning devotion routine. I was looking for topic based scripture reading. I stumbled on, she publishes monthly scripture writing by topic. I started writing that day and have done it since. I can see how God has used this to develop me as a person. 

I decided this was a good practice because when you write something as well as read it you are using more learning modalities. These are the methods (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile) we use to learn. By writing scripture you are reading (visual) and writing (tactile), if you read it out loud you'll be including auditory. If you wanted to be fancy and try to memorize some of it you could include hand motions which would tap into the kinesthetic modality. All of these modalities help the words to become concrete in your mind, not just a fleeting thought. 

Ok so I've given you a lot of teacher fancy talk about how writing scripture as opposed to just reading it can be beneficial. Now let's delve into the Biblical why, as a mom, writing scripture is so important.

1. You will know it by heart
By writing scripture you are moving the word of God from your head to your heart. In doing this you will be more conscience of your actions. You will be able to hear the convictions of the Holy Spirit, which will help you to make better choices for yourself and your family. Psalm 119:11

2. You will be able to teach it to your children
As a mother our calling is to our children first. When I was a young mom my goal for my boys was for them to become productive members of society. However as a more seasoned mom (you like how I dodged the word older) my goal has changed. My goal is for them to know and love God and go to heaven. At the end of their lives, that's what really matters. The best way to do this is to talk about the word of God when I'm with them. You can't teach what you don't know. Deuteronomy 6:6-9

3. You will lead by example
When we have moved the Word of God from our heads to our hearts, we will want to honor Him in our decisions. By stopping and applying the scriptures that we've learned to our decision making, hopefully we'll make better choices. When we model this process for our children they will learn to apply it to their decision making as well. Remember more is caught than is taught.

4. You will past the test
Motherhood sometimes feels like one big test, of our faith, our patience, and our sanity. By writing scripture you will be prepared for those days that you need an extra dose of faith, patience or sanity. What God calls us to, He will equip us for.

5. You will launch wise arrows
When we launch our arrows into the world we want to be sure they are prepared spiritually for the adversity that they will face. Mom, by learning scriptures and then teaching them to your children, through your words and actions, you will launch arrows that will know where their help comes from.

After years of writing scriptures I decided to develop my own monthly scripture writing. I pray that you are blessed as you delve into the Word of God. 

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Praying for you mama!