Friday, January 11, 2019

Chronicles of Motherhood...The neverending sickness edition

This is truly a post on perspective. Skip the middle if you have a weak stomach and go to the end for the true message. This is no way a pity party or for anyone to feel sorry for me. It's just a real life example.

In our house we have literally had a never ending bout with sickness. It's not like a cold ends and then someone else gets sick. That's happened before and I found the culprit...the bathroom. It was the common room that the kids all used. 

No I'm talking about a cold that lingered and took many shapes and forms. All resulting in vomit. NEVER.ENDING.VOMIT.

My poor littlest one got sick on Dec. 16, yes I remember the date well. She was in the church preschool play and BAM the next day sick. UGH! 

Sick with Sara looks like this: a lot of mucus which results in a lot of coughing which results in gagging with results in vomit....ALL.OVER.ME

I can't tell you how many times I've changed clothes in the middle of the night only to end up changing again. 

This has continued since then and has morphed into croup, pneumonia, croup, bronchitis, and croup again. We've been on steroids and antibiotics. I've ran a steamy shower at 2am. I've taken her into the cold at 2am. All in hopes of stopping her cough. It's just a band aid.

Last night was a blessed relief, no coughing or vomiting.

To quote my hubby this morning, "last night was the first night since December she hasn't vomitted." Pretty sad when the husband can make that observation also. Probably because last night, he got a full night's sleep since he didn't have to help me while I changed. 

As I type this I can't help but chuckle. Yes chuckle. This will make a great story when she is older.

Life is all about how you look at it. I've spent 4 weeks of sleepless vomiting nights taking care of my little girl. It's been frustrating but I refuse to be frustrated. I get to choose how I react and what emotions I'm going to project.

There are moms out there who would trade my place in a heart beat just to get to hold their little one again because they had to say goodbye too soon. There is the mom that has an emptinest and misses the sleepless cuddling nights. Or the mom that had to give up her baby. Or the mom that hasn't seen her kids in years.

In the messiness of motherhood it seems like the worst thing ever but when you step back and count your blessings, motherhood is just that, a true blessing.

You too get to choose how you're going to look at the mayhem moments of motherhood.

You control your thoughts.

(2 Corinthians 10:5) Pay close attention to the words of the second part, we take captive. We means control your thoughts not vice versa.

When you're in the trenches speak Philippians 4:8 to refocus your thoughts. 

I can't ever think of the entire verse so I just quote the last line. God knows my heart that's all that matters.

This has truly been a tough season of sickness, with more doctor's visits than I care to count. But God is on His throne and nothing catches Him by surprise. The joy of the LORD is my strength!

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