Thursday, November 29, 2018

Chronicles of Motherhood...Night time Mayhem

This is a totally transparent post about motherhood. Some will relate, some will be aghast and others will think I'm gross or crazy. But nonetheless it is the way it is. 

Thanksgiving was a bit crazy for me. I was hosting dinner for the family and my youngest woke up sick and was complaining of an ear ache. She's only 21 months so I thought well let me see. She wasn't running a fever and was seriously acting normal, except for the runny nose.

After the house was empty, the dishes were put away and the kitchen cleaned, she comes up to me and puts her head on my leg and says "I sick." Yep, mom fail here! My husband and I look at each other and know this means a trip to somewhere but where on Thanksgiving. Thank goodness an urgent care was open and I was able to take her. After a torturous visit (her ear needed to be cleaned out so they could see) she had an ear guilt!

When she gets sick it goes straight to her chest every time. This means that she usually gets a barky cough and eventually gags and throws up. I have figured this much out in her young 21 months. So I institute everything that I know from previous children's colds and try my best to avoid the unwanted outcome. She literally passed out on the drive home so I laid her in her crib and she slept soundly until about 5 am.

This is when the night time mayhem begins.

I wake up to her barky cough and she is saying "Mom" in between coughs. I grab a bottle and head for her room. The entire time thinking, I've got to get to her before she throws up and man I really need to use the bathroom.

I make it to the room and pick her up. She puts her head on my shoulder and asks for a baba (bottle). She's still coughing but not too bad. She drank about 2 ounces and starts coughing again. I know I need to start a warm shower to help her breathe. We go into the bathroom and I start the shower, the entire time thinking...goodness I shouldn't have had that coffee before bed last night. 

I decide well while I'm in here let me use the bathroom. Of course she won't let go of my neck, so I'm sitting there with her in my arms and her head on my shoulder. The bathroom is completely dark and steamy, and she is coughing. The coughing turns into gagging and she throws up down my back. YUCK! I'm pretty much stuck and can't do anything at this point. I turn her around and she seriously is throwing up on the floor as I'm trying to finish (It was a huge cup of coffee). Now she is covered and I am covered and she is still coughing. I have to stay in the bathroom with the steam until she stops coughing. I hold her tight and start to pray and sing Bill Gaither's "There's Something About That Name". After what seems like forever, she starts humming along and stops coughing. We cleaned up and cuddled up in my bed. She fell asleep in my arms and looked like a peaceful angel. I looked at the clock at it was only 5:20. How is it possible that all of that can happen in only 20 minutes? 

I don't have a moral or even a lesson to attach to this. All I can say, is motherhood is messy sometimes. It's a 24/7 calling and sometimes yes you get thrown up on. But love keeps us going. When we don't think we have any more to give, we find some more. 

Praying for each of you!

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