Tuesday, July 30, 2019

3 Simple Habits to Make Cleaning Easier

Cleaning is a never ending part of motherhood. Some days it almost feels like you are playing a part in the movie "Ground Hog Day". Day in and day out there are things that need to be done and they are always the same things.

I truly don't mind cleaning but some days I long for a small corner of the house that I can keep clean and not have to worry about other people messing up. Yes, I know this is a dream but I can pretend right?

The hardest thing to deal with is having people live in the house with me. (Yes I'm just kidding)

But seriously why are people so messy?

In order to make my daily cleaning tasks easier, I try to institute these habits as parts of my daily life.

1. Clean as You Go
This is really my secret weapon to having to clean less.

The kitchen is my biggest area of cleaning as I go. This room is what I call my office area. I've seen on websites where they set aside a certain day or week to wipe down counters, clean the stove top, polish the sink or clean the refrigerator.

These are all things that I literally do daily. I have a habit of wiping the counters several times a day. I also don't keep a lot of things on my counters so it makes it easier to wipe down. Glass top stoves are a pain to clean if you let burnt stuff dry on them so I clean it as soon as I can. The refrigerator gets wiped down as the shelf is empty. Usually on grocery day as I'm making my list.

I also sweep my floor daily and use my dish towel to wipe up spills on the floor before I toss it into the washer. I change my dish towel daily and keep my washer open to just toss it is everyday. Usually once a week I do a load of towels and then start over again.

All of these things take less than 5 minutes to do and if you do them often then you never really need to have a separate day to clean this area.

The bathroom is my second area of continual cleaning. I wipe down the counter and sink daily. It keeps it free from gunk and grime and makes it painless to clean. I also have a basket of cleaning products in the bathroom so I can clean as I see the need.

2. Use the One Minute Rule
For whatever reason, flat clean surfaces annoy people in my house. How do I know this? Because they continue to stack things on them.

The one minute rule applies to anything that is out of place and can be put away in one minute or less. Often times you can put away several things if they are in the same vicinity.

Yes, it annoys me that it's not my stuff and I'm putting it away but I don't necessarily put it away. Mail has a home so I just relocate it to it's home and each of the girls have a basket that I just toss their stuff in. Usually by the next day they are looking for it so the basket doesn't get too full.

My mantra is if you say you'll do it later, it won't get done. So I stick to the one minute rule whenever I see stuff. I don't let it pile up I just do it.

By doing this I don't have miscellaneous items strewn randomly throughout the house. This habit saves me time when cleaning day comes and makes it easier to clean any area that tends to collect random stuff.

3. Declutter Often
I don't wait until January or whenever spring cleaning is to declutter my home. As a rule of thumb I usually have a box by the front door. I put things in the box as I decide that I no longer want them or they are no longer useful. When the box is full I take it to donate.

This habit allows me to have room for everything. When I have less stuff to deal with, everything is more likely to have a home. This habit almost works together with the one minute rule. If something doesn't have a home, then ask yourself if you need to keep it. Decluttering will help you to make room for things you want to keep as well as allow everything to have a place.

These three habits are really how I handle being a stay at home homeschool mom and keeping my house clean (tidy/picked up).

Having a clean house isn't the most important thing but it is truly a big part of my sanity on most days.

Be blessed!

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