Wednesday, February 6, 2019

10 Simple Valentine Ideas for Busy Moms

Valentine's Day is next week! You know what that means...chocolate...lots of it! On a more serious not though it means getting Valentine's Day cards for the kids to pass out in class or at the homeschool group. I usually end up looking on Pinterest and thinking I can do that. Then I procrastinate until the day before to buy the supplies and then it's a Pinterest fail moment. 

In an effort to change my ways and to help my friends out, I've put together a list of 10 simple valentine ideas. They honestly don't even require a printer if you don't have the ink. You can simply use construction paper and markers to create the sayings. Most of these are things you can get at Dollar Tree or if you don't want to leave your house, I've included an Amazon link. I also tried to choose printables that were straight lines, because ain't nobody got time to be cuttin' crazy shapes. Like I said in the title, SIMPLE!

God bless these moms who have the time, energy and gift of creativity to make these free printables for us moms that do not have a gifting in this area.

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1. Baby Shark Valentine’s Day Cards
Who doesn't love this song? Shark Gummies will be a hit when combined with this song for kids of any age. I'll be honest I sent this link to my husband in a text midday just to make him crazy at work. I'm sure you're singing it now too!

Baby Shark Valentines Day Treat Bags on Purple Background

2. Star Wars Glow Stick Valentine
If my oldest was still little this would be his choice. I can't even tell you how many times we watched the Star Wars movies! I love the idea of using a glow stick as a light saber! Genius!

3. Play-Doh Valentine
Play-doh is a great tactile toy for kids. It builds imagination and helps strengthen their hands. Play-doh is a cute idea and super frugal. 

Play-Doh Valentine - "Doh" You Want To Be My Valentine? Printable.  Fun Valentine Ideas.  Easy last minute Valentine's.  Play-dough valentines.

4. Clementine Valentine
Oh my goodness! This just made my heart happy, partially because I LOVE CLEMENTINES! It's a healthy alternative to a candy valentine and I'm sure parents would truly appreciate this!
Real Cutie Baggie Topper

5. Bubble Valentine
Bubbles are a fun way to celebrate any holiday. Kids of all ages love to play with them. This had a little more cutting involved but you could totally just cut around the heart in a straight line.
Bubble Valentines

6. Gummy Bear Valentine
Anything with gummies is a super treat to me. They are fruity and just good. The link is for all natural gummies as a healthy valentine treat!

7. Skittles Valentine
I see this and can only say "Taste the rainbow of fruit flavor". Skittles have forever been a favorite of mine. I truly do not have a favorite flavor, they are all my favorite.

8. Ring-Pop Valentine
What a better way to say I love you then to give someone a ring, a Ring Pop that is! If a ring pop doesn't say love and friendship then I don't know what does. 

9. Bag of Chips Valentine
This was the first valentine I saw and I absolutely loved the idea! So simple and just doable for a busy mom and who doesn't like chips?

10. Whoopie Cushion Valentine
Being a boy mom at heart my heart truly swooned over this one. I mean whoopie cushions, don't you kind of chuckle just thinking about it?

I hope that these ideas come in handy and maybe save you some time in preparing for Valentine's Day!

If you decide to use one, I'd love to see a picture of it. You can include it in the comments or on my FB Page, Embracing Everyday Motherhood.

Now I need to decide which one I'm using! I love them all!

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Enjoy your week!

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