Sunday, December 23, 2018

5 Fun Christmas Family Games

As a child my favorite thing to do at Christmas was to get together with family. The word family usually meant anyone that you grew up with at church. Some of the "family" were people that my parents grew up with and now I was growing up with their kids. This was a time in my childhood that I truly cherish. There was always lots of my favorite foods, the yummy stuff that only came out at the holidays. I can remember it like it was yesterday, the clamor of the kids playing, the chatter of the adults talking, and the smell of yumminess wafting through the house. 

My favorite Christmas Eve dinner was in 1988. My mom had a slew of people coming over to celebrate. She had the rice on the stove, the pernil (pork) was cooking in the oven and the house was ready to go. It was an especially cold Christmas that year and the electric company was doing rolling blackouts to conserve electricity. Seems rather archaic now that I think about it. This meant that we had about 30-45 minutes of no power. Cooking was a challenge and my mom was trying to keep the oven closed so the meat would finish cooking. The kids made the most of the dark and we played Pictionary by flashlight. We laughed and made the most of a truly challenging situation.

I really think that was my favorite Christmas. It was truly a time of family and fellowship.

Maybe you're the one hosting Christmas this year. I'm sure you have a menu full of my favorite casseroles and delightfully delicious desserts. If you haven't had time to think of some games, never fear I've already scoured Pinterest for you. 

Here are some links to a couple of easy games to put together with stuff that you probably already have around the house. I also commented with some tweaks to save you time when deciding on which games to play. They look like fun for kids, teens and adults.

If you already own the game headbands you can use that to hold the cards. Or you can use a headband to hold the card. Also if you don't have ink or would rather not print, just write them on index cards or paper. 

You'll need cups and a balloon for this game. My daughter plays this in kids church and loves it. You don't have to get all fancy and decorate the cups either, simple sometimes is so much better.

This is a take on Simon Says. Although it says print, you can take a screen shot and "Santa" can just read from their phone.

This one might require a trip to Dollar Tree, but it would be SO WORTH IT! You could probably use a small tree branch with a headband and a bangle bracelet? I'm totally making this up as I go but try something. This one is a must!

I would probably take a screen shot of this and text it to everyone. Paper and pencil for answers and voila, easy!

I'm all about making memories with lots of laughter and delicious food. 

I hope you can use some of these this Christmas and make memories of your own.

Enjoy your Christmas!

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