Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Ideas for Daily Devotions

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Daily devotions are a time that is set aside to specifically spend time with God. The purpose is to spend time with God in order to grow spiritually. By spending time with Him, he is able to guide you and refresh you during times of need.

The time I have set aside is early morning. It is my favorite time of day. The house is quiet, it's still dark and the aroma of coffee is fresh in the air.

This is my time with God. This is a time that we have our intimate conversations. Like when he tells me crazy things like "start a blog". It's my intentional time that I have set apart in my day to ask for wisdom and patience. A time to refresh my spirit and to help me be ready for whatever craziness comes my way.

If mornings aren't your thing, don't stress. The morning time is just an idea of when to have devotions. If you can’t get up early, then have devotions at a different time. The point is to spend daily time with God, not when in the day you spend the time with Him. 

Not knowing where to start can be hold up for some people. There are a ton of resources online and in stores for daily devotions. To be honest with you, the choices can be over whelming.

Here are a few suggestions of how to start, but honestly the trick is to just start.

Scripture Writing
This also involves the Bible but in a different way. There are different themed monthly plans online for writing scripture. This allows you to connect to the scripture not only through reading but also through writing.

Since the plans are usually designed around a topic, you will become very knowledgeable in that area and be able to draw from it when you need it.

Read the Bible
The Bible is God’s word, you’ll never go wrong reading it. If you grew up in church you are probably familiar with the Bible stories or you would like a refresher on them. You can begin by looking at the concordance (in the back) to find your favorite Bible character and read about them.

If you didn’t grow up in church and you haven’t a clue where to start, then maybe just start in Genesis and work your way through one chapter at a time.

In both cases, have a notebook nearby and summarize in 1-2 sentences what you read. Write down questions you may have or any ah-ha moments that you had.

This is a great technique to interact with the text and remember what you’ve read. (Yes, the Reading teacher in me came out).

Prayer Journal
This is special place where you write out your prayers to God. Writing helps you to focus on one subject and write all of your thoughts about it down. God already knows your thoughts this is just a way to keep it all in one place and literally cast your cares on Him. It is also an actual place where you can look back and see the prayers that He has answered.

These prayer journals will be a tangible legacy of your time with God for your children to see after your gone. Although your prayers were private, they will see the times that you cried out to God for them and that the prayers were answered. It will also speak to them about God’s faithfulness.

Devotion Book
Some mornings are rushed and you don’t have time for a long sit down but you still want to get some time with God in. A devotion book is a great resource to have for this purpose. They are written with a scripture and an idea of how to apply it to your daily walk with God.  Devotion books do not need to be read cover to cover and just because it’s a 90 Day Devotion doesn’t mean you need to read it in a consecutive 90 days. Read it as you feel led.

Check out these daily devotionals from Amazon. I've used several of them and truly recommend them as a great place to start.

Daily devotions are truly an individual preference. How you spend your time with God is completely up to you. There isn't a wrong or right way. God just want to spend time with you.

How do you spend your devotion time? What is something you do? Please share!

I'm praying for you!

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